The Best Smartwatch for iPhone and Android

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Are you currently in the market hunting for a smartwatch that can work both with android and iPhone? Would you like getting a smart watch that doesn’t showcase a boring and corny exterior and fit right into your stylish lifestyle? Would you say yes to a smart watch that doesn’t only ticks all boxes when it comes to the significant relevant features but also promises a sleek luxurious appearance? If you have gestured in approval in the answer of all the above question, the product we are reviewing today might just be a God-sent for you.

Luxury Smart Watch for iPhone and Android

Why is a Smartwatch a Must-buy Product?
In this fast-paced tech-savvy universe, a watch is used for more than just time-keeping purposes. When smartwatches were first introduced, they took the world by storm with their unique new features and smart display styles. Many years down the lane, the original first-generation smartwatches have gone through many transformations: many new gadgets were originally evolved out of the original smartwatch  idea such as fit-bits and other fitness trackers, many budget-friendly versions were later introduced in the market. In short, smartwatches were made accessible to everyone.

However, if you still land in the minority who still don’t own a smartwatch yet, what are you waiting for? A smartwatch allows you to use your phone without having direct access to it. It not only helps you with social connectivity but also acts as a kick-ass fitness device, keeping a check on your physical activity, recording your steps, heartbeat and many more.

Active smartphone users get a ton of notifications on their phone every day. From social media notifications to emails to unber arrivals – a smartwatch would alert you for everything without having to reach in your pocket every time your phone beeps.

A healthier lifestyle requires some rigorous outdoor activity; this is simple unarguable logic. With our lives so connected to technology, taking your phone with you would result in the biggest distractions of all times if you go for a run in the morning with it. That is when a smartwatch walks in. You just strap it on your wrist; it would not only act as a pedometer to track your steps, but most smartwatches now maintain a record of how many calories have your burnt as well. And, since your smartwatch  is always connected to your phone, you can always access your phone via your smartwatch in case you get some important notification.

Luxury Smart Watch Fitness Tracker
The Best Cheap Luxury Smartwatch of 2018

Apple was one of the pioneers to have ever introduced smartwatches for IOS users. The biggest thing most people make a hard pass on an apple smartwatch is its pricing. An apple smartwatch can cost way more than an average American can afford. Fortunately for you, currently in market there are tons of brands and manufacturers making smartwatches that are not only excellent alternatives for an apple smartwatch but in some cases, they surpass an apple smartwatch in adaptability, functionality and affordability. AAStyle cheap luxury smartwatch is one such option we found to be the best out there in 2018, even better than the apple smartwatches. Read on to explore more about it.

AAStyle Luxury Smart Watch Black White
5 Reasons AAStyle Smartwatch is Better than Apple

Compatibility: Apple smartwatches are only compatible with ios operating system, which means you must own an iPhone to connect with your smartwatch to reap the maximum benefits. The AAStyle smartwatch, thus, is your best bet if you are an android user. In addition to android, you can of course use it with an iPhone so anytime you decide to switch to IOS, your smartwatch would still work.

Camera: An apple smartwatch doesn’t have a built-in camera, you can access your iPhone’s camera through it though. This watch comes with its own built-in camera, maintaining its lead on apple watch.

Sim-card: Unlike apple smartwatches, this cheap luxury smartwatch has a slot for a sim-card, allowing you to make phone calls and texts without having to connect it with your phone. This is an exceptional standalone compact communication device on its own.

Affordability: Even if you are an iPhone user, this watch is still the best cheap smartwatch for iPhone available in the market. You cannot beat the price range; even the far older apple smartwatch models cost way more than this.

GPRS/EDGE Connectivity: The AAStyle smartwatch supports GSM calls with Bluetooth connectivity 850/900/1800/1900MHz along with GPRS and Edge connectivity whereas in Apple smartwatches you must connect your watch to your phone to access wifi or internet facility.

Final Verdict
When it comes to picking the best cheap luxury smartwatch in the market, the one available at the AAStyle online store is far better than any of its market competitors. It is well-made, sporting a stylish exterior; offers far more features than an Apple smartwatch and is accessible to buyers at a fraction of price for under $99.



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